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Teeth Whitening in Indianapolis, IN

Teeth Whitening in Indianapolis, IN

Teeth whitening is a part of cosmetic dentistry treatment well-known for removing stains from the surface of the teeth. It is a widely-used dental procedure and is suitable for all individuals irrespective of their age. 

What Are the Causes Behind Stained Teeth?

The main reason behind stained teeth is improper oral hygiene. It includes a bad oral hygiene regime, chewing tobacco, and smoking cigarettes. The stains on the teeth affect the aesthetics of an individual’s smile and can be quite embarrassing. Other causes include: 
  • Excessive intake of colored foods, like colored aerated drinks, ketchup, red wine, etc.
  • Excessive consumption of certain medications, like antibiotics and certain painkillers. 
  • Excessive consumption of some beverages like tea, coffee, etc. 
  • Chronic diseases like diabetes or gingivitis.
  • Overconsumption of alcohol or smoking cigarettes. 

Types of Teeth Whitening Techniques

Simple teeth whitening: In this procedure, a whitening gel is applied to the teeth and allowed to stay for 15-20 minutes. The gel breaks down and removes the stains from the surface of the teeth, thus giving them a whiter appearance. 

Take-home teeth whitening trays: This procedure helps in getting similar results as those obtained with simple teeth whitening. The only difference lies in using customized take-home trays instead of the whitening gel in the dental office. The trays are provided to patients after they have been fabricated according to their mouth structure. Patients have to wear and leave them on for at least an hour before removing them. They can be worn multiple times in a week to get better results. 

Laser teeth whitening: It is one of the most advanced procedures used for teeth whitening. It uses a special laser to activate the whitening gel that is applied to the teeth. The activation process breaks down stains by oxidizing them and makes them easy to remove. This way, even stubborn stains can be removed effectively during this procedure. 

How Long do Whitened Teeth Last? 

The effect of teeth whitening lasts for years if you practice good oral hygiene habits after the procedure has been performed on you. It also depends on how diligent you are about brushing your teeth twice every day and flossing as well. If you maintain good oral hygiene after your treatment, it could last for over ten years even with everyday use of beverages like coffee or tea that cause staining. 

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